Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The time I had a parasitic blubber arthropod living in my foot!

So about a month and a half ago I noticed what I thought was a blister on the bottom of the foot and just figured it would go away. Well 2 days ago I noticed it was huge and making my entire foot swell so I decided to go ask my neighbor, who is a nurse, what to do about an infected blister. Turns out it was a blister, nope, not all all. The minute I showed her my foot she tell me I have a bug living in it and she needs to cut/squeeze it out and warns me it's going to be painful. She was not lying about the painful part! When she finally got the gross (but kinda cool?) jigger bug out of the foot I thought it was over then I heard her say "mayai" EGGS! She knew I had enough of the pain so instead of cutting them out she put kerosene on them hoping they would die....they did. So that was an interesting experience. I got a taste of the village health care= lack of resources, tools and medicine. I guess I should stop walking barefoot around the village.

It's been so long since I have posted. Over the holidays I, along with some other volunteers went to the local missionaries house. Talk about a real American Christmas, it was great. Then I spend New Years in Zanzibar with about 6 other girls. Zanzibar is so beautiful, it has amazing beaches with gorgeous sunsets, great shopping and is maybe about the most humid place on the planet.We went to a full moon party on North beach, that was awesome, I haven't been around that many wazungu since I left America. After Zanzibar a few of us went to Mafia Island to swim with whale sharks. was about the coolest thing I have even done.The 2 guys that took us out of their boat took  right up to the whale shark then are like JUMP IN!!!! NOW, JUMP! We were scared because the thing is so huge and right under, but we JUMMMMPED, and got up close and personal with the really big fish. It was so awesome. Here is a pic. You can see us a ways behind the shark.

Right now I am in town with 3 other volunteers and we are starting a girls empowerment conference tomorrow that lasts until Monday. We each have 5 girls coming from our secondary schools, it's going to be great! We are teaching about puberty, HIV/STDs, early pregnancy, goal setting and loads of other stuff. At night for fun we are having talents shows, watching movies and having a beauty night. I'll write all about it after it's done!